Rite of Passage

Well, I was asked and I did it — school field trip chaperone.

I was casually asked in a department meeting if I would be interested in riding the bus with the kids to a museum in Hapeville to see an exhibit and performance in honor of Black History Month. So I grabbed my clipboard, and my sanity, and rangled my “group” into the cafeteria for a head count. I only had 9, of the 21 who returned their permission slips, to actually show up. Come on, if you’re going to skip school, is a FIELD TRIP DAY the day to do it?

Long story short, no one died. And I even had my picture taken with Sojourner Truth to boot. Though, I may have made a major error by taking so many shapshots. I’m now (anonymous name here) High School’s official English department website updater AND school photographer . . .

I’m sure there’ll be a stipend. Right?


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No Reason

You know, I woke up this morning stressed. And why? Well, the answer is . . . there is no answer. All is good with the fam, all is OK with work, and the semester is going pretty well. But, I think all three are weighing pretty heavy right now on me. There are alot of balls being juggled. Boo hoo, right?

Anway, I found the video below to be a fine analogy for how I’m feeling right now. Like a german hausefrau being thrown over the handlebars of a dirtbike that’s just way too small for its rider . . .

Fat lady motorcycle crash



The Good Stuff


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